Lead By Example and Disconnect from Email on Vacation

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Dec 13, 2016

With the holidays approaching, I’m getting ready to take a vacation—not just from work, but from email too.

Making the commitment

Completely disconnecting from email on vacation is a commitment I first made several years ago, and initially, it was a challenge. It was difficult to give myself permission to step away from work. But it gets a little easier each year, and now, I look forward to the time away from my computer.

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When to Use Email (and When Not to)

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Sep 28, 2016

Email is a form of one-way communication, meaning it does not allow for an immediate exchange of ideas. If you plan to use email as your communication tool, consider its limitations and your strategy for getting feedback. Aside from using email as a logistics coordination tool, it’s best used as follow-up to meetings or conference calls to recap concepts, agreements and gain alignment between groups. 

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Kick Email to the Curb Over Spring Break

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Mar 21, 2016

It’s about that time again. Spring Break is just around the corner for some and so are those potentially dreaded work emails while you’re supposed to be on vacation.  

Whether you’re jetting off with your kids, taking a break from college to hang out with friends, or sticking close to home and plan to catch up on your favorite Netflix series during your time off – everyone deserves the opportunity to disconnect from email.

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How to Make Time for Family – Not Email – Over Your Holiday Break

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Dec 16, 2015

Like many of you, I’m starting to prepare for holiday break (away from work!), with my family. However, unlike many people, I’ll be disconnecting from work email during that time.

By now you may be familiar with my thoughts on checking email during vacation and even my Email-Free Vacation Pledge.  But have you made the commitment to yourself yet?

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Train Your Teams On How Best to Use Email to Ensure Everyone Can Go Email-Free Over the Holidays

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Dec 14, 2015

Don’t: Forget to train your teams on how to use email.

You can’t assume everyone knows the key ways to reduce email volume. If they did, there wouldn’t be so many darn emails.

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FREE DOWNLOAD – Lay the Groundwork Today So You Can Take An Email-Free Holiday Break

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Dec 01, 2015

For those of you who follow my blog, you know I am email-free on vacation.  It’s been a change for me from how I used to operate, and a very welcome one.

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Whether They Like It or Not, Workers Still Rely on Email

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Oct 20, 2015

If you want to make a big impact on email volume, be careful to make sure you’re reflecting the culture of your organization. The fact is that many employees rely on email and actually appreciate it as a key internal communications tool. 

Research by The Grossman Group shows that while employees want email misbehaviors addressed, they do not want their ability to use email as a communication tool curtailed.

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Just How Bad Has Email Overload Gotten at Your Company? Follow this 4-Step Process to Figure it Out

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Sep 09, 2015

Before you can do anything about email volume, you need to get to the heart of your email problem. It’s important to first understand the stress caused by email overload in your organization. With that knowledge, you can then get to the best possible solutions.  


Here’s a smart, four-step process to better understand email use inside your business:

Establish a baseline for email overload

Decipher how email is affecting your organization to understand how email misbehaviors cause stress and limit your employees’ productivity. Many companies conduct baseline surveys as a critical first step toward identifying the biggest employee pain points when it comes to email.

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Email Is Here to Stay

Posted by David Grossman on Thu,Aug 13, 2015

Despite the many knocks on and concerns about email, I wholeheartedly believe that email will remain a key communication vehicle in the immediate future. For now, it’s not about eliminating email to be more effective. Instead, it’s about choosing to use the right vehicles for the message. 

When leaders and employees learn to think of email as simply one of many communication choices, they will naturally use it more productively, relevantly, and politely.

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Your Constant Emails Aren't Working For Your Team

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Jul 21, 2015

One of the important critical insights emerging on workplace email is the importance of leaders setting the tone on email use. Clearly, employees won’t be able to curb email volume if their own leaders send them an inordinate amount of irrelevant emails, or if they include too many people on every email communication.

Executive training can be a key to addressing this issue. A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted the experience of a London-based company, International Power. The firm’s seven-person management team wanted to increase efficiency, and initially figured there was a problem with too many lower-level employees sending emails. Instead, the managers were shocked to learn from a detailed analysis that they personally sent an average of 56 messages a day. The executive team went through trainings to reduce their email volume. As a result, the team’s total email output dropped by 54%, according to HBR.

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