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January 8, 2020

10 Must-Do Tips for Persuasive Presentations


Prepping for an important presentation? As you’re purposefully planning, think about the following 10 criteria of a successful presentation. These are best practice strategies that can help you turn any presentation into a great conversation, and get what you want in record time.

10 Must-Do Tips for Persuasive Presentations

1. Frame communication

Discuss the purpose of communication up front

2. Be audience focused

Communicate with your audience in mind

Demonstrate you understand your audience’s mindset

3. Know the Content

Demonstrate understanding of the content you're presenting, including understanding an of the business and the case for change

4. Thoughtfully organize

Present in a clear and well-organized fashion

Build in breaks/pauses to check for understanding in a purposeful way (questions are purposefully built-into presentation organization to check for understanding and create dialogue)

5. Use handouts/tools

Use visuals appropriately to support your messages

10 Must-Do Tips for Persuasive Presentations

6. Have clear messages

Cover core messages clearly and tailor them to the audience

7. Provide context

Discuss and emphasize rationale to add meaning

8. Be relevant

Customize and make messages relevant to the team (how the team contributes/fits in)

9. Have a dialogue and check for understanding

Ask questions to clarify others’ point of view

Ask questions to ensure messages were understood

Support honest expression of others’ points of view

Express reactions and opinions without intimidating others

10. Presentation style

When you practice your presentation, have several colleagues listen and give you feedback on the Top 10 criteria above, and how you did. Then, incorporate their feedback, knowing that practice makes perfect!

What strategies do you use to give winning presentations?

—David Grossman

Click below to download your free infographic of 10 Must-Do Tips for
Persuasive Presentations:

10 Must-Do Tips for Persuasive Presentations

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