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November 20, 2019

5 Strategies for Engaging Millennials


I'd like to offer some strategies for engaging Millennials, who work a little differently than the workforce of ealier generations and respond better to certain types of communication.

Consider using these 5 strategies that are key to their engagement:

1. Start Millennials off strong in the workplace.

Studies suggest that Millennial workers decide on the first day whether they will stay with an organization long-term. Engage them at the beginning with a solid understanding of the organization by sharing its history, mission, vision, and values. If Millennials believe in the company and feel aligned with its mission, they will feel instantly connected. 

2. Encourage and foster creativity.

Millennials aren’t shy about wanting an interesting, dynamic, creative and above all, fun working environment. They look for workplaces that have creative communication, open working environments, technology and flexibility. 

3. Make sure Millennials are challenged.

Millennials have high expectations of themselves and aren’t afraid to make mistakes as they learn by doing. Giving them the opportunity to build their experience will pay off in increased capability as it shapes the next generation of leaders.

4. Coaching goes a long way.

Motivated and open to feedback, Millennials are eager to do well and easy to coach. They want to hear from managers often about their progress throughout the course of the month – or even week. If you catch a Millennial regressing, approach that time as an opportunity for learning. They want to know where they can improve to become the star employees they strive to be. 

5. Chart a career path.

Millennials need to know where they fit and where they can advance in the organization. Establish goals and expectations to help them set their sights on career opportunities. Letting Millennials know there is room for them to grow in the organization over time will engage them and help them reach their goals and yours.

Engaging Millennials is all about understanding them, and what makes them tick.

What more can you learn about your Millennial workers that can help you leverage their talent and energy?

—David Grossman

For more tips on understanding, engaging, and communicating with millennials, check out a full chapter on the topic in my book: You Can't Not Communicate 2


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