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September 8, 2021

Manager Communication: Don’t Just Pass Along an Email


Sending along a message or announcement from your boss to your team with no context surely won’t resonate with employees, especially on the important matters that mean so much to driving the business forward.

Make it Relevant for Your Team

Don’t be a copy-cat communicator. Your job is to take information and make it relevant for your employees. Think about how to make it:

  • Pertinent
  • Meaningful
  • Connected to them and their work

Next time you’re about to press “forward,” take a moment to customize and personalize the message so your team understands what it means, why it matters to them and what they need to do. Add some inspiration and encourage them to share their feedback. Only you can do that for your team. No one else can.

Not sure where to start? Put yourself in your team’s shoes. Ask yourself:

  • What concerns or issues does my team have?
  • How does what I’m sharing matter to them now, and where does it fit among my team’s priorities?
  • What do I want my team to know, feel or do as a result of this communication?

The more in-tune you are with your audience’s needs, the better you can communicate with them, empathize, persuade and ultimately move them to action.

 In what ways do you create relevancy in your communications?

—David Grossman

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