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July 27, 2020

Who’s the Better Communicator? Introverts or Extroverts?


The answer here might surprise you.

Both can be effective communicators, if they understand the implications of their preference, and flex their style. The variables to consider are about the quality and quantity of communications.

How to Be a More Effective Introvert

Introverts: Those with a preference for introversion tend to think they’re communicating more than they are. The quality of their communications is sound, but the quantity is lower than needed. When introverts communicate, it’s typically effective, but they usually don’t communicate often enough. Most introverts also are strong listeners, too.

If you’re an “innie” leader, most likely you need to communicate more. Consider having your communication team be the gentle “nudge” you need to communicate even more. Or, create a group of employees as communications champions who can give you open, honest feedback about your communication cadence, and what additional opportunities might help you further drive understanding and engagement.

How to Be a More Effective Extrovert

Extroverts: The quantity of an extrovert’s communication is high, but the quality is often low. It’s common for extroverts to talk a lot, where the listener often has a hard time deciding what’s most important from the wealth of information shared. And, some extroverts find themselves wanting to “tell” a lot, which hampers their ability to listen.

To improve, think more about speaking in the form of headlines. Bottom-line it. That mindset and technique can help you get to the main point more quickly. And, it often can create space then for you to listen. As with introverts, an employee communication champion group can assist you too with feedback.

If you want more formal feedback, a communication audit can help you know big picture the ways in which you’re being effective so you can continue those strategies, and know where the opportunities for improvement are.

What’s Your Communication Style?

Don’t know your style? For the best and most effective results, consider using an assessment, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with a certified practitioner or consultant to get some good insights on your preferred style, and how to leverage it.

Which might you need to improve – the quality or quantity of your communications?

David Grossman

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