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    Named "Product of the Year" by SABRE, The Grossman Group's award-winning messagemap methodology is a must-have tool for any organization to ensure alignment around key strategies and initiatives before it's time to communicate. Through a strategic process, The Grossman Group partners with the organization to create clear, compelling and consistent messages to guide future communications, eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming rounds of revisions, while also building alignment that's critical to effective engagement, ownership and results.

    The messagemap can be used for internal messages at the organizational or departmental/team level or for priorities/initiatives as well as for external messaging needs. messagemap also is ideal for issues preparedness to shape both internal and external messages.

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    Leadership Development | Engagement | Strategic Messaging

  • Leader Communicator

    leadercommunicator™ Platform & ePlatform

    The leadercommunicator platform helps senior-most leaders develop and articulate their strategy, drive change, and engage employees to execute their strategies and achieve results. The world-class, dynamic platform is a three-in-one business, communication and organizational development tool.

    Leaders on the go can now have a digital, app-like version of their customized platform. Designed for their iPad or tablet, the ePlatform enables leaders to always have quick and easy access to their core messages at their fingertips wherever they are.

    This is a must-have tool for any senior leader, especially those new in their position looking to make their mark, and those leading organizations through change.

    Development of the leadercommunicator platform is typically complemented with a 3- to 6-month executive coaching engagement to maximize the use of the tool and accelerate the leaders' results.


    This tool can be found in these categories:

    Leadership Development | Engagement | Strategic Messaging | Training

  • Communications Climate Index

    Internal Communication Climate Index™

    Working with our trusted research partner, The Grossman Group uses a proprietary measurement tool called the Internal Communication Climate Index™ to gauge the health of internal communications in organizations against the key dimensions of internal communication effectiveness. Leveraging advanced statistics, you will learn the overall communication climate and the specific cause-and-effect relationships impacting performance and engagement. With the facts in hand, and The Grossman Group as your thoughtpartner, you'll be able to make specific, actionable decisions to improve internal communications.

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  • Email DX

    Email Dx™

    Email Dx™* is a survey and analytic tool that accesses the overall health of an email communications system by targeting key areas of an organization’s email environment. Depending on the scope of the email diagnostic desired, the web-based survey is comprised of 7-17 primary questions (plus demographic questions) and typically can be completed in 6-10 minutes. If all related topics are included, the survey examines email effectiveness, attributes, usage, issues, policies, content, inbox management and impact on work-life balance. The full Email Dx survey assesses email used as an employee communication vehicle and sent between employees. Questions are customized for your organization. Key outputs of the full survey are listed below.

    If you want to...   You’ll get...
    Determine the time being wasted and money lost due to ineffective email

    » Email usage statistics (estimate of amount of email being read, scanned and deleted unread)

    Pinpoint email misbehaviors that need improvement

    » Email etiquette data (use of reply all, back-and-forth replies, copying)

    Identify email characteristics

    » Email attribute analysis (relevancy, formats, clarity)

    Track progress year-to-year

    » Baseline metrics

    Tailor your planning to specific units or employee groups

    » Enterprise-wide and detailed group results

    *Email Dx™ is a product of LCWA Research Group

  • Ultimate Leader Tools

    Ultimate Leader Tools

    The Grossman Group offers a variety of tools that are ideal to share with leaders at every level across your organization or for specific teams looking to elevate their performance as leaders and communicators. These tools are available to license for use, and we also can work with you to customize the tools to meet the specific needs of your organization. For even greater value, these tools are often used as part of the leadercommunicator Training Program.

    The Core Four
    This is a staple for any leader at any level. The leadercommunicator Starter Kit features four must-have communication tools to help managers plan, deliver and measure their communications effectively and efficiently. Use the Starter Kit as it stands or work with a thoughtpartner at The Grossman Group to customize the tools and/or add additional tools to meet your organization’s specific needs. Either way, these tools pack a powerful punch for leaders!

    The leadercommunicator Starter Kit includes:

    • take 5™ to Communicate Well
      Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to plan your communications? Whether communicating internally or externally, with individuals or large groups, The Grossman Group’s take 5 tool helps leaders at every level plan their communications using a 5-step, 5-minute process to improve their communication. This is a must-have tool for every leader.
    • Articulate Expectations
      Employees aren’t mind readers — they’re counting on leaders to share their expectations so they can deliver on what’s expected. This tool helps leaders at every level set their teams up for success by driving the right behaviors and actions.
    • Use the Right Channels to Communicate
      With so many vehicles to choose from, it can be hard to know the best way to deliver certain types of messages to meet the audience’s needs. This tool is an easy-to-use reference guide for leaders at every level so they’re making the best choices about which vehicles to use and communicating with impact. For even greater value, this tool can be customized to include specific vehicles used in your organization.
    • The Last Word™ to Make the Most of Meetings
      Do you have meetings where people have a “deer in the headlights” look and you’re not sure if anything discussed will be acted on? The Last Word is an easy-to-use tool to help leaders at every level make the most of their conversations and meetings and drive alignment, accountability and action. This is a must-have tool for every leader.
  • Quick Assess

    QuickAssess Diagnostic

    From project management to handling situations, know where your team stands when it comes to communication. Which skills have the most significant impact on your team's ability to drive business results, and where can they use the most improvement?

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  • Leader Communicator Training

    Training for Leaders at Every Level

    Organizations today need every employee to be a leader, and every manager to engage and connect their employees to drive results. To help leaders become leadercommunicators, The Grossman Group offers training workshops to help leaders at every level gain additional skills, tools and confidence to tackle some of the most common and complex issues that leaders face today. The workshops are designed to arm leaders with relevant insights and proven, practical and easy-to-use tools, and can be customized to your organization.

  • Commpetent  Diagnostic for Communicators

    commpetent™ Diagnostic for Communicators

    It's all the more important that Communications professionals be at the table to drive business results and are seen as subject matter experts and trusted advisors. Communicators at every level can gain a solid understanding of their strengths and opportunities to improve through this easy-to-use online 360-degree diagnostic tool. It enables communicators to assess their communication skills against the core competencies they need to succeed, and to compare their perceptions against those of their managers, peers and clients. Out of the diagnostic, communicators complete their action plan to drive better business results in the organization.

  • On-site Communication Assessment

    On-site Communication Assessment

    If you need help assessing your communications in short-order, The Grossman Group can help. Using the world-class attributes of leading companies who use strategic communication to drive performance, The Grossman Group will spend two days on-site to conduct an assessment and provide findings and specific, implementable solutions.

  • leader ENGAGE Development Classes

    Leadership Development Classes

    The Grossman Group offers a suite of training courses to help leaders develop and elevate their skills. Choose from a variety of courses to enable leaders to master their leadership communication skills.

    The training courses cover several topics, including:
    • Building Effective Messages – Know how to build strategic messages using a proven process to hit the mark and yield results.
    • Giving and Receiving Tough Feedback – Learn the delicate art of constructive feedback and how to use it to drive the right behaviors among the team.
    • Supervising for Success – Learn the art of listening, barriers to communication, and how to check for understanding to be an effective leader.
    • Stepping Up – For new managers, walk away with a better understanding of the role and valuable skills for engaging and managing people.
    • Presenting to Win – Elevate leaders' presentation skills using The Grossman Group's strategic planning process and learn best practices in delivery technique, knowing the audience, setting expectations and achieving presentation objectives.
    • Storytelling – Learn The Grossman Group's proprietary Storytelling Platform so leaders connect with employees and build their personal and professional credibility and effectiveness, while improving the team's performance.
    • Media training – This is an intensive training program designed to maximize leaders' opportunities to get the organization's message across during defining moments with the media. The training helps leaders understand and evaluate the media situation, organize their thoughts and sound bites, and handle the unexpected with ease and confidence.
  • Executive Team Platform

    Executive Team Platform

    If you’ve ever worried that leaders duplicate each others’ messages during speaking engagements or that the messages aren’t aligned and consistent between leaders, then this is the tool for your leadership team. The Executive Team Platform helps a leadership team develop and articulate its strategy in a consistent, compatible way to connect with audiences and move them to action. It also ensures that leaders can effectively “divide and conquer” so each leader speaks consistently based on their position and area of expertise without duplicating what other leaders are saying.

    This tool can be found in these categories:

    Leadership Development | Engagement | Strategic Messaging

  • Leader Communicator Flash Cards

    leadercommunicator™ Flash Cards

    Behind great leadercommunicators are sound leadership principles and strategies that can be applied to virtually any business challenge or situation. The Grossman Group’s leadercommunicator Flash Cards help communicators and leaders understand essential principles and strategies that improve their effectiveness. The Flash Cards also are often used as part of training courses and one-on-one coaching.

  • Strategic Messaging Tools

    Strategic Messaging Tools

    Strategic messaging to effectively tell your story from the inside-out may look easy … but when done right, it requires discipline, planning and a smart methodology. For those of you looking to take on strategic messaging on your own, let the messaging experts at The Grossman Group help. Recognized for our messagemap™ methodology – named “Product of the Year” by SABRE – The Grossman Group has a suite of messaging toolkits to meet your needs.

      • The Grossman Group’s Messaging Starter Kit will ground you in the basics of strategic messaging – why it’s critical and the key principles to keep in mind as you set out to tell your story.
      • The Grossman Group’s Advanced Messaging Kit goes beyond the basics and offers more advanced perspective and principles to serve as your guide for strategic messaging in your organization.
  • Strategic Messaging Tools


    Tell Your Story
    Business is better when people know and relate to each other, especially the leader. Using this tool, leaders can map their messages to connect with their employees in a personal, relevant way.

    Paint the Picture
    Without the big picture, employees will struggle to understand what’s happening and their role. Using this tool, leaders can paint the picture for employees in a meaningful, relevant way to drive action.

    Set Context
    Using this tool, leaders can master the art and skill of setting context so employees have the context and relevance they need to take action.

  • Media and Presentation Training

    Presentation Training

    This intensive program is designed to help leaders become more comfortable and confident giving presentations so every presentation is a winning one. During this highly interactive session, attendees will learn must-dos to deliver persuasive presentations, how to plan a presentation to achieve their desired outcomes and meet audience needs, and practice delivering presentations with real-time peer feedback.