One of the toughest tasks leaders face is to develop and articulate their strategy. Yet if your employees and other stakeholders don’t know where you’re going, how will they help you get there?

That’s why we created the leadercommunicator™ Platform, to store all your core messages in one place. Used today by scores of leaders in the Fortune 500, it helps you communicate big-picture, complex ideas to your team. It lets you share stories to create emotional connections with your employees.

The leadercommunicator™ Platform gives you:

An elevator speech that articulates your main messages

Customized messages for your business goals and target audiences

Proof points to back up your key messages

Personalized stories to help you self-disclose and create an emotional connection

Mutual expectations for you and your team

A detailed outline of your most important messages

Never be forced to deliver critical messages on the fly again. Never worry that you’re sending the wrong signals because of scattered, inconsistent communication.

If you’re a leader on the go, get a digital, app-like version of your customized platform. The leadercommunicator™ Platform can also be designed for your iPad or tablet.

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