We have a new external brand.
What do we do to involve employees in it?”
What we're promising our customers isn't being delivered.
How we can fix that?”
How can we improve our customer satisfaction scores?”
How do we get employees focused on our business outcomes?”
We're one company but it feels like we have multiple cultures.
What can we do to create one culture?”
We need employees to advocate for our brand.
How do we get there?”
internal branding

Internal Branding

Building brands starts on the inside. Employees are the daily, living embodiment of a brand, and they can make or break your brand's connection with customers.

The Grossman Group works with leaders to shape an authentic and compelling internal brand that engages employees and inspires them to take action and advocate for their organization and ultimately deliver on the brand promise.

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Internal Branding in Practice

Creating a culture focused on protecting one of its most important assets: information

Any business depends on the integrity of its information and the trust of its customers.

But it’s especially so when that business manufactures sensitive and expensive weapons and information systems upon which the national security of the United States depends. Unfortunately, among its 140,000 plus employees scattered around the world, bad habits and more sophisticated enemies could put the company and its critical information at risk for Lockheed Martin and its customers.

The Corporate Information Security Team brought The Grossman Group on board to create a communications campaign designed to drive awareness and understanding of the right behaviors and actions necessary to protect the Corporation’s information assets. Utilizing the tools and resources that comprise the Grossman Methodology, we developed "The I Campaign" to emphasize the personal responsibility each employee has for protecting Lockheed Martin. As part of The I Campaign, we developed the key messages, internal branding and communications tools that highlight the top security threats and risks in a compelling and meaningful way for employees in all functions and at all levels.

The I Campaign is being rolled out across the Corporation, with the Chief Information Officer as the "face" of the campaign. Ongoing anonymous and confidential testing of employee behaviors and actions are showing a remarkable improvement in terms of the right decisions being made. According to one senior leader, "The I Campaign is hitting all the right notes in the right way. It’s starting to truly make a difference every day, which will make a difference for us for the long term."