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August 7, 2019

Leaders: What’s the Story with Stories?


We all tell stories naturally that illustrate who we are as a person, what we do, and what we believe in. Think of your last conversation with a friend, someone in your family, or a neighbor at a barbeque. “Once upon a time” (or a spin on that) is an everyday, multiple-times-a-day occurrence.

Yet at work, something happens when we “badge in” at our organizations. Stories get lost, and pie charts and copy-heavy slides take over.

But it is important to remember that we follow leaders because of how they make us feel. And stories are the most powerful way leaders can make an emotional connection with employees.

Stories are More Memorable Than Just Facts Alone

Forget facts. Skip the supporting points. Push past the proof points. Stories rule.

This is especially true in many organizations where the majority of employees are left-brained, appreciate the literal, and value a logical sequence of facts. In these cultures leaders aren’t hardwired to share personal experiences, yet stories get the results other communications can’t. For example, facts wrapped in story are 22-times more memorable.


How powerful would it be if all leaders had a personalized storytelling platform with a library of stories that tie to the actions they need to accomplish? This platform will help the leader find and raise his or her voice and drive the business results he or she wants.

Stories are the ultimate low-cost, high-return strategy. Isn’t that what happily ever after is all about?

Do you have a core set of stories in your communication toolbox?

-—David Grossman

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