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May 19, 2021

Reasons Why Your Business Strategy Activation Fails


I don’t know any senior management team that doesn’t spend days, weeks, working tirelessly on their organization’s strategic plan. And for many of our clients, we’re privileged to help as thought partners throughout that process. 

Senior leaders review the data, envision the future, and shape it into a cohesive entity that fits on a piece of paper. It’s pretty amazing, really. And it’s one of the toughest challenges any team faces: to articulate the strategy that’s going to get you the results Wall Street and others expect. 

So why is so much of that hard work left to chance when it comes to implementation? Think about it. There’s inspiration…perspiration…and group conversations throughout the strategic planning process...lots of nodding heads and even a few moments that feel like Kumbaya. 

You came out with a clear sense of purpose and mission. You charged your direct reports with communicating the strategy to their teams. Everyone left jazzed about the plan and your overall path forward. Done...right? But is it true alignment...or is it all just an illusion? 

I can tell you from too much experience, it’s the latter. I’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again. 

Getting Your Strategic Plan in Writing is Only the Beginning 

The truth is that getting that strategic plan in writing is only the beginning. The real challenge is in getting to the outcome of that strategic plan by activating the strategy inside your organization.

When it comes to bringing strategy to life, we’ve all made costly (and often the same) mistakes—mistakes that make the difference between good and great. And it happens between confusion, skepticism and complacency…and engagement, efficiency and effectiveness. 

If people don’t know where you’re going and how they fit in, how will they help you get there? 

—David Grossman

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