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March 6, 2019

5 Messaging Bad Habits Every Boss Needs to Break


You’ve drafted an email or remarks to share at an upcoming team meeting and are ready to hit send or present, respectively. How do you know that you haven’t made the most common messaging blunders?

See whether creating a clear and compelling communication is as simple as cleaning up your own act.

Here are 5 messaging blunders to avoid in your communications:

Blunder #1Your messages aren’t focused on a business outcome. You aren’t clear in your own head and to employees about what business goal you seek. 

The most effective messages are targeted and focused on achieving your outcome.

Blunder #2You speak from your perspective instead of what suits the audience.

The right amount of information matches the audience’s needs, and uses language that the audience is familiar with and uses.

Blunder #3You ramble on. Since you’re not crystal clear with what you want to accomplish you share everything you can think of, including the kitchen sink. 

The best communication is succinct. Use your business goal and where your audience is coming from as screens to select the messages that matter most. Then, skip the rest. You can clarify if needed during Q&A.

Blunder #4: You don’t support your messages with facts, data and research. 

For many of us, the most compelling information we can share is data that backs the conclusions we make. Incorporate data that supports your main headlines.

Blunder #5: You don’t tell one story. 

Stories create an emotional connection with the audience, and are often the most memorable parts of any communication. Want people to listen more closely to you? Allow them to understand who you are and what makes you tick. This opens people’s ears and minds to listen more intently to what you’re sharing because they can better relate to you on the personal side.

How’d you fare when it comes to these blunders? To create messages that matter, it’s important to not only avoid these common pitfalls, but create habits that set you up for success.

Which blunder might you be most susceptible to?

—David Grossman

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