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February 11, 2014

Organizations with Highly Effective Communications Continue to Significantly Outperform Their Less Effective Peers

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We’ve written on using communications to drive behaviors and align employees with a business strategy, and new research sheds some more light on just how effective communications is at achieving results.

Companies with high effectiveness in communication and change management are 3.5 times more likely to significantly outperform their less effective peers, according to Towers Watson’s 2013-2014 Change and Communication ROI Study.

The study, which surveyed 651 organizations from a broad range of industry sectors, found that the most successful companies actively build a culture to support and drive behaviors aligned with their business strategy.

The study points to some key findings on the relationship between superior financial performance and effective communication and what the most effective organizations do differently:

  • 93% of highly effective organizations say that they understand what messages resonate with new employees, while only 48% of less effective organizations say the same.
  • 98% of highly effective organizations say that they understand what messages resonate with top-performing employees, while only 42% of less effective organizations say the same.
  • The most effective organizations are 3 times more likely to be focused on the behaviors that drive organization success, instead of being focused on the program cost.

It’s clear that to be a highly effective organization one must understand the employee mindset – which is critical for communications to be effective – and focus on the behaviors that get desired results.


How might this data assist you in improving how people in your organization communicate?

-          David Grossman 


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