Few leaders are born great communicators. It’s a learned skill, and one that traditionally hasn’t been emphasized in organizations today. Behind great leadercommunicators™ are sound principles that can be applied to virtually any business challenge or situation.

The leadercommunicator™ flash cards help leaders understand the essential principles that will make the most difference, and how to put them into practice. Using them, you’ll learn:
  • A simple 5-minute planning process that will help you improve any communication—whether an important speech or a key conversation.
  • How to catch critical information that’s mistakenly disguised as communication
  • “The Eight Key Questions” all employees have, and that leaders must answer
  • What it takes to build trust and credibility with anyone

Like any sport, mastering leadership communication requires an upfront commitment of time, attention, and practice to adjust your thinking and behavioral “muscles.”

How do you stack up? See what’s in the cards.